Clubs & Societies

Clubs & Societies

Finance Club
The club aims at providing learning opportunities beyond classrooms in the field of finance. Finance Club is dedicated to nurture and enhance the finance -quotient of students and to increase collaboration with the industry. The finance club acts as an essential link between the academic world and the financial industry. This club serves as a comprehensive professional, social and educational Club focused on all areas of finance.

Marketing Club
The marketing club of MBA provides students with a platform to polish their marketing skills and showcase their creativity. The focus of the club being the “Apply All Concepts” is managed by students selected on the basis of their interest towards marketing. The aim of the club is to improve Marketing knowledge by providing an overview of Marketing basics and allowing members to utilize this knowledge through a variety of events.

IT Club
The main purpose of this club is to provide is to enhance knowledge of the students of the IT sector. The club aims to develop a comprehensive appreciation for technology and its role in the world so that the students may more effectively succeed in the dynamic business environment of this new century.

Cultural Club
Culture is the key to the creative potential of community or society. This club forms a platform for the students to discover, identify, showcase and enhance their talents. The club organizes a series of cultural activities to provide freshness and vigor into the minds of students.

Communication Club
The purpose of the Communication Club is to provide students with an opportunity to learn, as well as meet new people. The Club helps in removing the language barriers within the students, which may involve a lot of speech therapies, Modulations, Learning new languages etc. The club also focuses on improving the communication skills of students.

Performing Arts Club
Through this Club GNIOT aims at bringing out the creativity and talents of the students by organizing various activities like theatre, music, Talent Hunts etc.

Sports Club
The objective of this club is to explore the sporting talent of the students and to rewards those who excel in these arenas. As rightfully said all work and no play makes Jack a Dull boy, GNIOT’s Spots club involves students in a lot of activities beyond Classrooms, like Faculty – Students Cricket, football, Badminton, and other sporting activities.

Book & Movie Club
The book and movie club at MBA enables the students to expand their horizons of knowledge and wisdom through series of Books and Movies that are read, shown and discussed amongst the students continuously. This club enables the students to mingle and ideate different viewpoints and develop a sense of judgement.

Entrepreneurship Club
This club is driven by scholars and associates at GNIOT that aims to provide a common platform for Students with a shared interest in translating their ideas into products and services useful to people. This club is a consortium of students, alumni, researchers, faculty and staff, and colleagues who share a common goal of fostering the entrepreneurial spirit.

Ad Mad Club
This club is an initiative to improve the talents of the budding Ad gurus and develops and understanding amongst of analyzing and creating things that may catch the attention of Public. This club enables the students to understand What Sells and How to Sell.

Executive Club
This club is id driven by the students of MBA, where they meet on a weekly basis to discuss the budding issues around the world. The Club helps develop an understanding in the students about the World as it exists and ways of developing a relationship between piers, friends.

CSR Club
The CSR club aims at instilling in the students the importance of responsibility towards society and the Nation, where we ideate upon the ways to remove the plague.

HR Club
The main objective of the HR Club is to provide knowledge, experience and exposure in the field of human resource management. Under the club various kinds of academic initiatives like seminars, quiz competition, case writing competition etc. ensure that there is continuous interaction between management students and industry practitioners.