The GNIOT PGDM by full time study is a two year course focusing on key business and management areas. You will learn about strategic decision making and negotiation from some of the world’s leading behavioural scientists and business education experts. You will also learn to understand the human factors behind decision-making.

We focus on the big contemporary issues including: corporate social responsibility and ethics in business, and business-government relationships. To survive and thrive, you need to be ahead of the pack. GNIOT will equip you to be just that. We believe that leadership relies on a firm understanding of human behaviour and creativity. It’s what gives our PGDM the edge, in a highly competitive world. We promise you a learning experience like no other. With international travel, in-depth work with real companies, and a peer group of really bright fellow students you will grow personally and academically. Essays and written assignments aren't always the best test of your knowledge and understanding. We use group and individual presentations, real-life pitches to companies, and even film projects to test you to your full abilities.

GNIOT has the ability to extract the best from the best. We are committed to continually challenge what we do and how we do it so we can remain a distinctive premier global business school and ensure that in today’s ever dynamic world of business and socioeconomic unknowns, our students are prepared to lead and solve complex global problems. GNIOT's academic curriculum is built around a pragmatic approach whereby our coursework is exhaustive, yet relevant to the needs of the industry. Our curriculum puts special emphasis on experiential learning while covering in-depth theoretical knowledge and research.

S.No. Courses Intake
1 PGDM 180