Quality Policy

The quality policy of GNIOT-CM revolves around the Vision & Mission of the institute. The Vision & Mission of the institute is as under –


To produce value driven & versatile professional who remain viable in the changing scenario. To strive for a symbiosis of technology and managerial excellence and human values.


To arm young brains with managerial skills as well as to strive for holistic development of young professional who can add value of the organization. To groom students to successfully face the challenges of the globalized world. Transforming the Institute in to Center of Excellence.

Therefore, the quality policy of the institute rests upon four Es.

First E is Expansion – in which we at GNIOT –CM strives to expand the knowledge horizon of the student. Second E is Equity – in which the participation of all irrespective of gender in academic participation is maintained, third E is excellence – the absolute emphasis and focus is given to quality education through latest teaching technologies based on innovative methodologies and forth E is employability – what is the use of education if students are not marketable or employable.